Money is any good that is widely used and accepted in transactions involving the transfer of goods and services from one person to another. Is nothing more then a resource to get things done for your daily activities.

Money is not your master but money must always remain as servant. Money is suppose to serve you, take care of your daily needs till the day you die. Some instances they are also asked to care for your loved ones in the event you are not around.

But for the money to work hard for you as a servant; you need to first give them the right job to do or else they will go to someone else who is responsible and accountable as a good steward.



Money that you earned need to be use for many things; paying bills, utilities, mortgage, insurance, car loan and etc….but as a good master of your money – you need to take 20% gross income and care for them, give the other 80% to anything that you want. Your lifestyle, your wants are all in the 80%, the other 20% never use for anything else but put them to hard work and money loves to work hard as they will give birth to many of their same kind.


The 20% that you have set aside must go to work and not just any work but hard-work; the question now is; where will you sent them so that they will double as soon as possible!! and produce babies like them!!

– Dividend paying stocks, Bonds, Structured deposits, Capital Appreciation Companies, Mutual funds, Businesses, ETF or just Stock Index.

Is very important that you understand what is the role of a master; you need good financial education so that your servant “money” will respect you or else they will run away to someone else.


Money likes you to be a good person so that they could be used to help others, charity and etc. Money knows that if you have wrong friends they will be mis-treated with wrong financial advices and they will erode and fade away. Money love to see that your friends are right one, like: teaching you the right thing, business ventures, healthy lifestyle, spirituality, care for others and etc. Wrong friends will lead the money to a great avalanche. Money are afraid of wrong friends around you. They will warn you as they reduce in numbers and soon disappearing from your investments. SO REMEMBER have good friends around you all the time.


Money knows that as they grow family also grows; money loves family that prays together and commit their lives to God; as money loves God and money obeys God’s people. Money knows that as God fearing person they know where to put them so that they will work hard to ensure that the family have better lives. Money like to see the family have good and comfortable lives; money hates family that abuse them by wasting them by buying all the wants and not the needs; they dislike being abused and soon they will find a way to go to another family that will care for them. Is your family God fearing? then be educated – why there is a need to budget and manage the money.


Financial literacy is the education and understanding of knowing how money is made, spent, and saved, as well as the skills and ability to use financial resources to make decisions. They love good steward; what is a good steward? The position and duties of a steward, a person who acts as the surrogate of another or others, especially by managing property, financial affairs, an estate, etc. You could say that I’m a “steward” of funds they’ve trusted me with – someone who helps them manage their financial affairs. Be a good steward and manage the 20% that you have set aside prudently. Invest right and don’t neglect continued education in financial matters. Attend seminars, workshops, read good books and watch great money matters videos and etc. Always update yourself with good articles and news.

Look for coach & mentors that will give you good advice. Don’t fall into the trap of scams and “get rich quick” schemes – MONEY HATES THEM!!! Because they will abused them and do all the dirty work for them – they are bad masters and money 100% dislikes them.


Life insurance is important, as it protects your family and lets you leave them a non-taxable amount at the time of death. It is also used to cover your mortgage and your personal loans, such as your car loan. Your individual life insurance follows you when you retire and you are no longer insured by your employer. Money knows that in the event things do go wrong with you, like – critically ill, accident, hospitalisation or even death they need to work hard to ensure that they be able to cope with all the expenses ahead; therefore they need re-inforcement from others – that is when LIFE INSURANCE will come to assist them so that they won’t get burn-out and disappear. Life Insurance is a magic!! money doubles or triple when things goes wrong. So, speak to a Financial Adviser and get it structured and organised.


Succession Planning is important because at the heart of the Talent Management process is identifying key individuals and mapping out ways to ensure the family has the right people with the right skills, capabilities, and experiences, in the right place at the right time so that money will stay with them and being abused.

Money is afraid if they are taken over by bad masters. They want to see that they are given to right master. They want to see you plan it well by: having Will & Trust written and well prepared. A will is a document that directs who will receive your property & wealth at your death and it appoints a legal representative to carry out your wishes. By contrast, a trust can be used to begin distributing property & wealth before death, at death, or afterwards.

Therefore structure your succession planning and ensure that everything in order so that your servant money will be handed over to a good master.

Start today and be a good master of your money; managing 20% gross income is easy as ABC if you are financial educated. Your character and your morale values is what money looks for. Be a good steward of your money today and enjoy the journey.!!

Article by: Ashok MBA – Strategic Coach & Mentor for MDRT/COT/TOT

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