The Monitor

His primary role is to support the Protector and the Strategist with the latest relevant and crucial investment and wealth management information to help them make informed and sound decisions. Investment without sufficient knowledge and research is gambling and we should never make decisions without sufficient information.

An overview of how the Monitor can add value to your advisory team
-Provide good market research and information to avoid market shocks
-Assist the Protector and Strategist with timely information
-Conduct bi-monthly investment outlooks and evaluations for market review

The Monitor is to establish a system that can assist the Protector and the Strategist in managing the 3 shocks – Time Line Shock, Market Shock and the Self-Funding Shock

The Successor

His primary role is to help you manage the wealth distribution process – in transferring the right assets to the right persons, at the right time, in a right manner for the right purpose.

If a person dies without establishing a clear and valid distribution plan than the Successor will exercise the following:

Without a Will

-Administration Bond Needed
-Letters of Administration
-Distribution according to Laws of Intestacy i.e. Distribution Act
(Please refer to the intestacy law for distribution rules)

With a Will but No Proving Executor
-Administration Bond Needed
-Letters of Administration with Will annexed
-Distribution according to contents of Testator’s Will

With a Will
and a Proving Executor
-No Administration Bond Needed
-Grant of Probate
-Distribution According to Contents of Testator’s Will

The Successor will ensure that you have a valid will to document your final instructions and estate distributional plan. The Successor’s primary role is to construct a Will and formulate strategies that can withstand the estate distribution shocks.

All successful individual have one thing in common when it comes to wealth management – they all have an advisory team to provide them with up-to-date relevant information, well-formulated strategies and well-thought through financial roadmaps to help them in their corporate, personal and family wealth management.

The need for you to have a team of trusted and well-established advisory board can never be overly-emphasized. If you truly desire to win in the game of life and in the complex game of financial management, then you ought to establish your own team of advisory board as soon as possible.

Contrary to popular belief, establishing a team of advisory professionals need not cost you a single dollar. If you are able to create a win-win-win relationship with the most established and experienced advisers, they may agree to come on-board and be of service to you.

Strategic wealth planning and financial management is more than just buying certain risk management or investment products. Prudent financial planning is more than just going through certain information-gathering process with an insurance adviser and then assuming that you have already done a comprehensive financial planning. Remember- financial planning is more than just buying a few insurance policies or investment funds. Financial planning is a systematic and methodical process of walking you through the various stages of :

-Establishing the client-adviser relationship
-Defining your important goals and objectives
-Analyzing you current financial position
-Developing strategies, solutions and options to achieving your financial goals
-Executing and implementing your financial plan
-Monitoring and having periodic reviews of your financial plans

However if you are contemplating to handle the entire process of wealth planning by yourself and for yourself, chances are you will experience some very costly mistakes sometime in the future. The cost of working with well-established professionals is never more than the cost of learning from your own mistakes – both in terms of financial loss as well as emotional heartaches.

Let us start to establish your advisory team – your team of SFCM. I can assure you that very soon you will find yourself making great progress and will be on your way towards achieving lifetime financial success.

“Business and investing are team sports.”

Do not try to take on the journey by yourself. Where do you go from here? Start your journey by doing it right from the start.
A journey of a thousand miles begins with the very first step… in the right direction.


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