Why Trying to Please Everyone Doesn’t Work

 You attract people less.

I had always looked up to anyone who had the strength to go out and be themselves. But all too quickly that admiration would turn to adulation. I found myself never speaking up, always going along with whatever they said and did, the eager puppy on their heels. And then, when I looked dispassionately at how they really saw me, there was one overriding word that hit me—weak. Strong people seek strong people to be around, so it was not surprising they were polite but always chose their true friends elsewhere. Just like the tortoise – don’t wait create your own journey with the right people.

You Love Yourself Less

Because those very people you wanted to admire, respect, and love you now reject you, you tell yourself that you cannot be a lovable person. In desperation you increase your people-pleasing behavior and it becomes a depressing spiral. The gap from the way you act to the way you really want to act widens with every people-pleasing act. This leaves you feeling disappointed and ashamed of who you have become. After so many years I finally realised that I have lived my life for others – buying cars, home, luxury items and etc why did I did that is because unconsciously I am doing so that I can be accepted by the world and that’s people. I have learnt to travel the journey that God have given to me with wisdom shall I travel. I may not be perfect but I LOVE God’s creation and I always do. I must and have to learn to let go and let God deal with me. I am arrogant, prideful, lustful thinking and the list goes on; but I find grace when I am with God as He loves me unconditionally. I will walk the road less travelled and will start to learn to love myself and not less.

You End Up With Few or Less Friends

Trying to please everyone is rooted in the fear of rejection. The irony is, because you end up seeming less attractive and less trustworthy, the very people you are trying to get approval from are often the people who reject you. Maybe not to your face, but in their hearts. Without intimacy, relationships wither and die. And no one wants to be intimate or vulnerable with someone who hides their true feelings. Sometimes as I travel this journey on this mother earth I realised that I have to consider so many things before I can make a decision – I can’t truly live my life the way I want it. Which path should I take or What God really want me to do?


Get your finances right from the start; stop investing on others but learn to invest on yourself and never short-change yourself. If you can’t love yourself you can’t with anyone else. Taking baby steps to basic financial success was my rule – 3 meals a day, have a basic home to live and always have nature next to you.  You don’t need lots of money to be happy but you need peace of mind and nature next to you to be truly happy. That’s why God gave Adam the Garden of Eden – nature next to him.


Home fully paid, 6 months of living expenses in the bank and an Income generating assets that’s have replaced my income that I am depending on. THAT’S ALL YOU NEED!!! Rejoice when you have lost everything because that’s when you put you trust on the creator to make things happen. I trust my God to provide all my needs and without a doubt I never ever depended on human to care for me. I always lean on God’s promises to care and love me unconditionally.

Have you ever lost everything that you had – YES!!! I have and I am still struggling but God have brought me to my knees; today God is working on me and I can feel His heartbeat and I love it because its been a long time that I felt God’s heartbeat in my life. Anyone and everyone can take away everything from me but they can’t never ever take away the wisdom that God have given me.

Move forward with God’s promises; but be financial literate and gain the great wisdom from God. Today day by day I am rejoicing with the presence of the Lord and He have never left me alone but have kept me, preserve me so that i can shine for His glory!!

Article by: Ashok – A servant of God.


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