They are essential to all life. You and the universe are formed by these four elements: earth, air, water, fire. Well if that’s for real then let’s check out why sometime we failed to understand prospects needs.

Because differences in perception, motivation, and needs sometimes get mixed up in our thinking with differences in values, it is useful to distinguish between needs and values Personal needs are basic to our existence. They can be divided into three levels; physical, relational and spiritual. Physical needs relate to our survival in terms of food, water, sleep, shelter and security. Relational needs involve deep desire to belong and to experience affection and purpose. Spiritual needs consist of a drive for fulfillment and purpose. These needs are ones every person must address if he is to be healthy.

Personal values are the standard that guides one’s life. They have to do with the beliefs that influence the choices person makes. These values are clustered together into an organised way of thinking. The clothes personal wears, the place he lives, the leaders they vote for , the work he chooses, the spiritual position they take, all these are influenced by clustering of values.


Fire– is motivated to undertake challenging tasks in order to get results. Seeks power and control in order to achieve its goals. Tends to move quickly and enjoy initiating projects. Fire’s behavioral style reminds us of the traits of fire; hot, passionate, all consuming, uncompromising, give itself 110% to the task at hand. When you are speaking to such prospects – remember give them full control and they will tell what they want and how they want it to be done. Never challenge them and kill they ego and that’s the last thing you want to do.

Dealing with them in a Interview

  • Ask them leading questions
  • Ensure you apply C.B.T behavioural patterns
  • Always ask opinion but never become a slave to accept everything
  • If you are presenting a Concept – remember go straight to the point and don’t go round the bush and get him/her frustrated
  • Stay away from Powerpoint Presentation as they hate it.


Water– is sensitive to the needs of people and enjoys building lasting relationships in which it can play an encouraging and supportive role. Motivated by stability and harmony. Tends to move slowly like earth and typically good at maintaining. Water’s behavioral style reminds us of traits of water; reflective, transparent, life giving, easygoing, capable of ”going with the flow” – They are sensitive individuals – tell them stories and give them testimonials. They video & Powerpoint presentations. You need to guide them and assist them to make decisions.

Dealing with them in a Interview

  • Give the close ended questions
  • Always keep eye contact with them
  • Use words like – care, love, courteous and etc
  • Assure them that they are in good hands; ensure you are sincere when you say it


Earth – tends to do particularly well in accomplishing tasks and getting results. Motivation is based on a desire for an orderly process that leads to accuracy. Likes to stay focused in order to “get it right”. Tends to move slowly and is good at maintaining projects. An Earth’s behavioral style reminds us of the traits of the earth, steady, predictable, foundational, solid, and secure….they are meticulous and systematic. When you are talking to them – remember always have facts and figures in your finger tip. They are number oriented people and they need statistic to be convinced.

Dealing with them in a interview

  • Give them open ended questions
  • Use numbers to justify your presentation
  • Assure them with statistical numbers and pictures
  • Give them clear time-frame
  • Never ever over promise


AIR– is also motivated by interaction with people but prefers a fast and changing pace. Initiators who enjoy networking with others in order to get things done and gain attention. Thrives in variety. A Wind’s behavioral style reminds us of wind; restless, unpredictable, invisible, quick to move, needs to see things in motion. This are individuals who likes to talk and talk and talk. They think they know everything and true enough they do and is because of their vast reading and network they have.

Dealing with them in a Interview

  • Tell them that you will design the plan the way they want it
  • Ask them for suggestions and opinions
  • Never ever use concepts & drawings to convince them; rather tell them the end results
  • As they are creative – they expect you to be as creative as them.
  • Laugh often and always agree with them

There you go a brief idea of 4 different personalities – as a MDRT ADVISERS – know your prospect by their body language and the kind of words they use. Pay attention to their listening habits and use of voice/tonality.

Article by: Ashok – Strategic Coach & Mentor for MDRT/COT/TOT.





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