Lust of the Eyes

When I was poor, I dreamt of becoming rich. When I achieved that level of wealth desired, I lost my simplicity in life. The “Lust of the Eyes” got the better of me. With my wealth, came more choices and options to indulge in material things i.e. a better lifestyle and a higher quality of living.

Being in a society characteristic of chasing after a high standard of living, I have seen so many fall into the trap of liabilities – funding a lifestyle with borrowed money that they cannot afford to sustain.

When I was poor, my life was much simpler; I did not have much cravings and wants. But when I was in a better financial position, I began to desire the ‘good’ things in life – the luxury, recognition, VIP treatment, other earthly desires that aim to satisfy the unquenchable thirst for possessions and the sense of having arrived at the upper class or even the pinnacle of the society. Like my childhood friend once said, “Everything you see, you want to buy.”

Once we are caught up in the vicious cycle of chasing after a desired lifestyle – buying the things we do not need and feeling the need to impress people we do not know, with the money we have, it gets dangerous.

The problem with chasing after a desired lifestyle when we are not ready for it really puts us into deep trouble. Indulging in high living with borrowed funds is naturally equivalent to mortgaging our future to the lender. The borrower will always be a servant to the lender.

Two Key Factors that drive people into bankruptcy:

1.      Lifestyle supersedes affordability
2.      Debts supersede repayment ability.

I always share with everyone, “Luxury once enjoyed becomes a necessity.” For most people, once a certain level of lifestyle has been achieved and enjoyed, it becomes very difficult to give up. The “Lust of the Eyes” will increase your liabilities everyday.

My personal close encounters were: buying luxury cars, buying properties without proper advice, speculating in the stock market, lending money to my friends, indulging in lifestyle entertainment, engaging in businesses which I was not familiar with and many more.

I knew I was in trouble when my cash flow was getting choked under the mountain of liabilities I had incurred over a few short years. I knew I was really in trouble! I quickly conducted a personal evaluation review and some stock-taking on my overall financial health. I revamped my spending habits, enforced a strict discipline in my spending pattern and even engaged a mentor to guide me. I was glad that I managed to evade the second close encounter just in time, and so avoided an otherwise would-be nasty financial catastrophe- Bankruptcy!

The movie you watch, the books your read and the friends you mix with – that’s what you will become as the days goes by. Learn great principles from the bible – like stewardship and prudence. I have learn the hard way and I still fall into the same mistake again and again and again – reason being is who I am with….I have made lots of effort these days to change and it will take time and I am prepared to adjust to be a better person. Sometimes silence is Golden – let others share they view and be wise to listen and make a sound decision with all possibilities of getting things done.

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