What is the Great Depression?

The Great Depression of 1929 devastated the U.S. economy. Half of all banks failed. Unemployment rose to 25% and homelessness increased. Housing prices plummeted 30%, international trade collapsed by 65%, and prices fell 10% per year. IS THIS HAPPENING NOW? Keep your eyes and ears open and see what is happening around you.

REALITY – Experts warn the next recession will be ‘worse than the Great Depression’ and predict it will hit US within two years as $247trillion global debt outdoes 2008

* Financial crash is expected to hit the US within the next two years after US debt doubled to $21trillion over a decade and global debt hit $247trillion 

* Student loans, auto loans and cheap money pulling economies out of trouble have been blamed for the predicted crash compared to 1929’s Great Depression. READ MORE – This was predicted 2018

When was the last recession in the US?

The problem in the early 1930’s was that the rate of inflation was negative; i.e., there was deflation instead of inflation. The high real interest rate which came as a result of deflation could have been a major factor in the collapse of investment which was the immediate cause of the Depression.

Don’t underestimate the Great Depression & don’t things for granted

The Great Depression was the greatest and longest economic recession in modern world history.

  • The American public began a frenzy of investing in the speculative market in the 1920s.
  • The 1929 market crash wiped out a great deal of nominal wealth for individuals and businesses alike.
  • Other factors including inactivity followed by overaction by the Fed also contributed to the Great Depression.
  • Both Presidents Hoover and Roosevelt tried to mitigate the impact of the depression through government policies.
  • Neither the government policies or the beginning of WWII can be single-handedly credited with ending the depression.
  • Trade routes created during WWII remained open and helped the market recover. (Investopedia)

IMF says the world will ‘very likely’ experience worst recession since the 1930s – TODAY’S NEWS

The global economy will this year likely suffer the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, the International Monetary Fund said Tuesday, as governments worldwide grapple with the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Washington-based organization now expects the global economy to contract by 3% in 2020. By contrast, in January it had forecast a global GDP (gross domestic product) expansion of 3.3% for this year. READ MORE


  • If you want to be an Investors; this is the best time, but don’t rush into the market
  • Observe all the Key numbers – employment, unemployment, liquidation, bankruptcy and interest rate
  • Observe what is China & USA is doing – their critical data’s like Unemployment and Trade War plus OIL Crisis
  • Chooses companies that able to withstand this shocks which is right in-front of us – which coming…
  • The recent rallies are just a Pullback and nothing more
  • We are not pessimistic but we are actually optimistic in the next 2-10years – we believe this will be the biggest wealth creation in the history when the world start moving back to normal again.



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