Abbey and her team are working towards creating more and more Filipinos to be financial literate and they are not stopping there – they are also going all out to increase the number of investors in the Philippines Stock Exchange which have only 0.8% investing in the PSE. They also guiding them to mimic the professional and not to do it on their own as the risk need to be managed with good education.

Abbey believes in – The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts: therefore, guard accordingly, and take care that you entertain no notions unsuitable to virtue and reasonable nature. Marcus Aurelius
Each day Abbey looks for someone that she can share the wisdom of Financial Literacy!! –

We believe that everybody has the opportunity to change. It all starts with FinWaze as the “catalyst for change” by empowering others to have knowledge and discipline in managing his/her own finances.

At FinWaze, we conduct free financial literacy seminars to help others assess their respective financial literacy handicap and help them build a solid financial foundation. We educate them on increasing their income cash flow, investments based on their financial status or risks appetite and thus optimize returns on capital.

FinWaze has supplemental programs for coaching and mentoring which is instrumental in the realization of someone’s financial goal and successful journey towards financial freedom or independence.

We understand the value of the young generation. We believe that they are the next in line in being the catalyst of the Philippine economy. Thus, educating them with the right knowledge and right skills is essential. And as part of our mission in bringing financial literacy to Filipinos’ doorstep. We have developed a program for all FILIPINOS entitled “ENTREPRENEURSHIP PROGRAM” a 2 – hours intensive overview by professionals.

The program focuses on coaching the Filipinos from Public to Private sectors & also students ages from 16 and above, all over the Philippines with the knowledge and skills in becoming a true entrepreneur by being empowered to do business & engaging the financial market.

You can contact Abbey directly if you have an intention to be a leader or an evangelist of propagating Financial Literacy!! Her contact number is:+639271385397

Article by: Ashok



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