Minimalism is all about living with less. This includes less financial burdens such as debt and unnecessary expenses. For many minimalists, the philosophy is about getting rid of excess stuff and living life based on experiences rather than worldly possessions. Honestly, I never been happier when I give away everything I had.


When you call a person a minimalist, you’re describing their interest in keeping things very simple. A minimalist prefers the minimal amount or degree of something. But anyone who likes things very simple could be called a minimalist. By having fewer things to distract or trigger you, your mental health will be positively impacted. Minimalism gives you the chance to tune out all the noise in your life, and change for the better. Here are five ways in which minimalism is good for your mental health.

How I Start Living A Minimalist Lifestyle

  1. The decluttering process. To live a simple lifestyle, you’ll need a simple living space.
  2. Stay mindful. Minimalists live intentionally.
  3. Minimize your relationships. Going minimalist to me meant that I was spending time with only the people I wanted to spend time with.
  4. Be intentional with your time.
  5. Create a savings account – extremely important – Income generating assets that will take care of you.

But here are some tips that I would offer to anyone trying to shoot for minimalism

  • One compartment at a time. Unless you’re just moving into a place, it’s hard to simplify an entire house at once.
  • Start with furniture.
  • Only the essentials.
  • Clear floors.
  • Clear surfaces.
  • Clear walls.
  • Give away stuff that you don’t need
  • Keep dust free

The Benefits of Minimalism

  • Clear Mind. We don’t think of our physical possessions being linked to mental and emotional health, but the connection between the two is undeniable.
  • Better well being
  • Freedom
  • Minimise Stress level
  • Enjoy moments with the person you love
  • Self-confidence
  • Purpose within a Purpose can be achieved
  • Money becomes irrelevant

Now ask yourself; do you want to be a minimalist? If you do, WHY? I have learn so much in my early years of my life. Those who chase after assets will end up in massive liabilities and thats what the world system will do to you. There is no such thing as enough as long as the world system is concern. Learn to get out of the system and you be all good.

8 Top Minimalist Living Tips
  1. Evaluate and examine. An essential part of living a minimalist life is viewing your material possessions with an objective lens.
  2. Think before you buy. Budget your money.
  3. Buy quality. Don’t buy frequently, buy quality.
  4. Develop gratitude.
  5. Purge.
  6. Don’t guilt yourself.
  7. Don’t get attached to material belongings.

I hope you live your life on this mother earth and not work and work and work till you are dead…….

Article by: Sharon – CEO FINWAZE





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