When I started reading the Book “4TH DIMENSION” by Dr. Cho – I saw a different side of the world.

Dr. Cho introduces the concept of the “fourth dimension”. He states that the physical world exists in three dimensions only (in simple terms height, depth and breadth) but that a fourth and greater dimension encompasses these. This is the dimension of the spiritual where the supernatural occurs. The fourth dimension can be seen manifested within the three dimension of the world when supernatural occurrences (those that operate out with the laws of nature) take place.

Dr. Cho explains that as people we are made up of three parts: the body (our physical self); soul (emotions and personality) and spirit (the part of us that can communicate with God and understand spiritual things). When we are “born again” by accepting Jesus into our lives the spiritual part of ourselves is re-activated and we then gain the ability to understand the spiritual dimension.

Dr. Cho believes that Christians need to be as comfortable operating in this spiritual dimension as we are in the three physical dimensions. Although these principles were not new to me at the time of reading this book I feel particularly challenged by this statement. I am comfortable operation in this spiritual dimension but to be equally comfortable I would have to be constantly aware of things that are happening in the spirit just as I am constantly aware of my physical surroundings. I feel that I defiantly do not have this level of awareness yet butI know that I would be much more effective in bringing His kingdom into my circumstances if I did. Part of my aim for Pioneer is to learn to seek God’s presence in new and creative ways. I hope that by finding new ways to seek Him I will gradually gain a greater awareness of the spiritual dimension which surrounds me. (Felicity Blog).

Well when I read this book I felt I need to really get into the 4th dimension “PURPOSE WITHIN  THE PURPOSE” then Financial Freedom becomes easy to handle moving forward.


G+H+S+IGA = God + Home fully paid + 12 Months of Savings in the bank + 2 Income producing Activities. (My Formula)

In our relentless search for excellence in the financial advisory practice, we have constantly asked this question, “What does financial independence mean to you?”. Interestingly – to the many individuals that we have counselled or advised over the years – the answers that came out of this question varied from one end of the conservative perspective to the other extreme end of ultra idealism, depending on the age group of the respondents. The older folks who have endured hard times and the volatilities of the market cycles had tendencies to be a little more conservative whilst the younger age group seemed to live very much in a near-idealistic world. This experiment has essentially allowed us to understand that financial planning holds different meanings to different people. To the older clients, it tends towards the idea of sufficiency and preservation. The younger clients interpret it as enjoyment and accumulation. All in all, it really is one’s mindset, values and experiences that determine how an individual plans and manages his/her finances.

As a practitioner with more than 20 years of experience in counselling clients from all walks of life – from the impoverished to the highly consumerist middle income earners, to the extremely wealthy individuals – I have gained the breadth and depth in advisory competency to provide fresh perspectives on the topic of financial planning & Trading the market through Wealth Management.


The Rich
– Invest their Time, Energy and Money efficiently to create great Wealth.
– Believe in staying away from the Pride of Life
– Believe in staying away from the Lust of the Eyes
– Believe in Financial Independence and not instant gratification
– Believe in Good Income Allocation
– Believe in Paying Themselves First
So, ask yourself these questions? Are you rich? Firstly. let me tell you my personal story. (Part 1 – I will share each day my story so that you will be inspired likewise and succeed in your life as I did and became Financial Independent)

My childhood days were difficult. Dad was a taxi driver and Mom was a homemaker. We were poor – very poor. Daily meals at home consisted mostly of just plain rice without other side dishes. Occasionally, Dad would bring home curry chicken for dinner, and this was a call for celebration! Back then, life was extremely tough. My dad did not have the luxury of having access to financial planning advice such as we do now. No financial plan. No direction. Struggling with trying to make ends meet, my parents did not believe in planning for the long term.

At the age of 14, something very eventful happened. My dad, our family’s sole breadwinner, met with a terrible accident. As a result, he was badly injured. From then on, we lost our freedom and at times had to suffice with meagre meals. There was no income continuity – Dad did not have any insurance or risk management program then. Everything came to an immediate stop because he was bedridden. The income flow to my family stopped abruptly and medical bills were piling high. Eventually, Mom had to start looking for a job. She was willing to take up any job in order to make ends meet. On many occasions, we had no food, only water. That was a nasty period in our lives – a painful one. At that time, I felt really helpless. What could I do at the tender age of 14? Relatives took pity on us. Some offered help but many shunned us.

Many months passed. Soon, Dad recovered steadily but was still unable to work. Because of the piling medical bills and the need to sustain the family, my parents had no choice but to resort to repetitive borrowing. That was the time I learnt that getting into debt was a very pathetic experience. I had to leave school to work, in hopes of alleviating the heavy burden that weighed upon Mom’s shoulder.


  • What will you do if you were me?
  • What will be your options?
  • Who will you look for advise?
  • Why me God?

I will share more of my stories in my part 2 of my life and the answers for the 4 questions?

If you give up; you actually insulting God for creating you. Think about it.


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