Here’s how to make sure you’re set. The best running watches Go the distance with the best running headphones How to buy your first pair of running shoes. The success or failure of said product will directly impact the work of Cook’s successor, whomever that may be. Unless you’re running a very quiet road race, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to stick to this blue line, meaning you’ll run further than the distance according to your watch. Again, let me start by stressing that if you’ve not used your watch’s pacing tools during training, race day probably isn’t the best time to experiment.

Tech disasters aside, I crossed the finish line with a new personal record and had run a negative split, but Berlin taught me one very important lesson: I needed to learn to use my running watch on race day. You can get a rough idea of what this will look like from the latest $60 knock offs emerging from China. Luckily, this is an easy one to fix.

Remember, your legs and your lungs have trained for the race, your watch has just come along for the ride. This sounds fiddly but will be so much more accurate when it comes to working out your actual pace. This reduces that awful will-it-or-won’t-it-connect-in-time panic on the start line and lets you focus.

Cook is apparently set to stay on for “one more major new product category” before hanging up his Apple lanyard at some point between 2025 and 2028. Having passed his ten-year anniversary as Apple CEO, Tim Cook is unlikely to extend his stay far beyond 2025, Gurman says. It’s telling me I’m miles ahead of my actual location and my real-time pace is fluctuating so wildly you’d think I was jumping on and off a bike. When they’re working, running watches can be a brilliant tool to help you see improvements in your running, alert your loved ones of your safety, or even tell you the right route.

Apple Watch 7 reportedly bigger than ever, but these health upgrades could be out. As well as gels, blister plasters, and jelly babies, your smartwatch’s lap button is your best friend on race day. European races are normally in kilometers, so it might be handy to convert your pace if you’re used to training in miles.

Gurman reiterated Apple’s intention to produce a flatter, more angular design as seen on the iPhone 12 and 2021 iPad Pro. This advice also applies to your watch set up — for some long training runs, I split my run into 10K blocks to help myself mentally focus on the next few miles, rather than the distance as a whole, but on race day, your watch moving on to the next “block” can feel demoralizing if it happens too soon. Keep things simple – you’ve got enough to focus on.

Of course, GPS is never 100% accurate, but chuck in hundreds of people and buildings surrounding the start at big city races, and it’s no wonder it can take a few minutes longer than it does at home. Finally, remember that your race is about far more than the running watch. “I’m told that Apple will bundle multiple new watch faces to take advantage of the bigger screen, including an updated Infograph Modular face,” he added, noting that this will be only the second screen size increase in the wearable’s history after the Apple Watch 4 reduced the bezels in 2017. 5 things you should be doing with your running watch on race day. Connect to GPS as soon as you arrive at the race village. Given Cook’s long standing belief that augmented reality is the “next big thing”, it would seem appropriate for that product category to be the rumored Apple Glasses, rather than something like the Apple Car which is, as Gurman notes, quite a long way away.

Not only is the GPS not 100% accurate, race courses are measured along a racing line, which you’ll often see the elite runners sticking to. That said, if you’re focused on running a negative split or getting a PB, some higher-end running watches will give you the option to set pace alerts, so you can keep an eye on whether you’re heading off too quick, or need to pick up a bit. According to Gurman, this year’s Apple Watch will be less about the features and more about the new look. Remember: it’s not about your watch.

Running coaches and veteran runners will always tell you one thing — nothing new on race day. For some runners, these little buzzes are extremely motivating, for others, the constant reminders would make them want to lob their tech into the crowd — it’s a good idea to work out which side you’re on before reaching the start line. The best smartwatches you can buy : The changes to expect PLUS: How to use Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 to measure body composition.

Your watch is accurate, but not that accurate. Should the worst happen on race day, turn the watch around on your wrist so you can’t see it, or take it off and tuck it in your running belt. No matter how accurate your beloved Garmin running watch might seem when running around the track, on race day it’ll almost definitely buzz to say you’ve completed the race before you can see the finish line. A word of warning here — it’s a good idea to check the markers on the course beforehand. If you’ve ever stood waiting for the race gun, you’ll have been witness to one of the stranger traditions of race day — hundreds of runners raising their wrists into the air, desperately trying to help their watch find GPS.

Now that we’re ( finally) seeing a return to mass-participation races following the Covid-19 pandemic, whatever distance you’re gearing up for, getting your tech set up is an important part of your race day prep. The well connected Apple reporter isn’t the first person to suggest that this change is coming, perhaps hinting at the company’s hopes to make the Apple Watch less of a bridge to the iPhone and more of an independent standalone device. Your watch will automatically auto-lap when its GPS calculates a mile or kilometer, but if it’s not actually buzzing as you reach the course markers, those extra few seconds difference can make a difference on the finish line. Away from the Apple Watch, Gurman’s newsletter covers some interesting corporate gossip from Apple.

If you’re trying for a personal best, practice training with your watch’s pace tools. Tim Cook to retire? At their worst, a running watch telling you you’re running slower than you are because of sketchy GPS has the chance to completely sabotage your run. The Apple Watch 7 will come in 41mm and 45mm sizes, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. It will have “a flatter display and edges, a faster processor and slightly larger screens,” wrote Gurman in the latest issue of his Power On newsletter.

Switch your watch from auto-lap to manual, and manually lap your watch at every mile or even every 5K marker, depending on preference. But with a possible departure still some way away, Gurman notes that this list “could change quickly.” Don’t try new watches or watch settings on race day. From the current members of Apple’s executive team, Gurman believes four are especially strong bets: Greg Joswiak, Deidre O’Brien, John Ternus and Jeff Williams. But anybody still clinging on hope for big upgrades to the health sensors will likely be disappointed, with Gurman saying that he doesn’t “expect any major health upgrades until at least next year, when we may see a body-temperature sensor.” Given we were hoping for something as game changing as blood sugar monitoring from the 2022 Apple Watch, that feels a little underwhelming, but there’s still plenty of time for more features to emerge.

Manually lap each mile or kilometer. Get your watch connected to GPS as soon as you get to the race village, or a good ten to fifteen minutes before your wave is called. The same applies to your tech. By mile 20, I was using my phone as a stopwatch to work out my average 5K pace (yes, that was as annoying and complicated as it sounds).

No matter how tempting it might be to grab a new running watch in the sales the week before the race, sticking to the one you’ve trained with and know your way around is definitely the better option. Let me set the scene: I’m 18 miles into the Berlin Marathon and my trusty Garmin Forerunner 645 has lost the plot.

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